Simple Changes Can Help Boost the Metabolism

“Leah, what are a few ways I can kick-start my metabolism but don’t have to compromise my lifestyle too much?”

There are a few methods that came to mind, ones I live by myself, that seem to have really positive outcomes without too much effort.

Starting your day with a cup of hot water and a squeeze of half a lemon will cleanse your liver and help jump-start that metabolism of yours.  Make sure to do this before eating breakfast so it has the opportunity to take effect.  It helps to cleanse your system of impurities, helps strengthen your immunity, and aids the digestive tract.  The citric acid the lemon contains alkaline’s the body…that may seem odd since the opposite of alkaline is acidic, as lemons are, but citric acid is weak, and once it enters the body it neutralizes the stronger acids.   (And no, lemonade does NOT count!!!  Sorry! 🙂 )

Another great way to keep your metabolism going strong is to consume enough water and liquids throughout the day.  I know…not very exciting!  It helps with digestion, boosts muscle function, and keeps us energized.  I often get hit with “water is sooo boring and tasteless!”.  I’m not going to argue with that.  Unless you just sweat your butt off, a tall glass of water hardly feels so refreshing.  There are ways to change that though, still getting the positive effects from it.  Try doing a quarter cup apple juice (or juice of your choice) with three quarters water.  Sure, it’s not going to be quite as delicious since it’s not as concentrated but it’s something.  Pick up one of those cute eco-friendly bottles with a cool design you like, maybe it will be even MORE fun to drink.  Additionally, try having a glass of ice cold water for another metabolism trick.  Our bodies have to adjust the temperature of the water, working extra hard. The calories burned to do this are minimal, but it can’t hurt sometimes, right?!

Lastly, try adding a little ‘heat’ to your current diet.  Spicing up our meals can give a little boost to our metabolism too.  Most peppers contain capsaicin, the part of the pepper that gives them their heat.  This gives off a thermic (heat) effect, a rise above our resting metabolic rate.  Aside from the metabolic benefits, another bonus of adding peppers to our foods (such as a sprinkle of cayenne, hot sauce, or red chili flakes, even cinnamon), is the likelihood of having ‘enough’, or feeling satiated,  once we have finished our meal.  It’s quite easy to keep eating M&M’s even when we’re full, but when our food is on the spicier side, it will most likely curb the urge to keep having more.  And similar to the glass of ice water tip above, we are consuming something that is different (in this case hotter) than our normal body temperature, so again our body is working to adjust back.

There isn’t one thing in particular, including the ones I listed, that are going to change your body on its own.  If you start your day with a cup of hot water with lemon, and then have a huge stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup (ok, yum), it will not negate the effects.  BUT, with small changes here and there, you can easily see a shift, and maybe even in your own awareness of what else you’re putting in your body throughout the day!


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