How You Can Be Busy AND Healthy

Hi Leah Renee!  

I’m having trouble finding good, healthy snacks to eat while I’m at my desk during the workday.  Can you suggest a few tasty options that are healthy too?  Thanks! ~Bella, AZ

It’s not easy conducting a balancing act every day!  Whether you’re working full time, going to school, or busy as a full time Mom, time seems to be the one thing we can’t get enough of.  Seems a little backwards too; we sure had a lot of time as a kid, and that’s when someone was there to pack us a lunch for the day!  Now it’s up to us to choose and prepare our snacks (and meals) wisely.  With so many different options out there, whether you’re finding something ready-made or making it at home, that’s a lot of label reading and even then we may be getting a little confused or frustrated at all the info listed on the back.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to options that are as close to their natural state as possible.  Another good rule to stand by: DON’T EAT it if you DON’T LIKE it!!!  If you’re looking to lose a few pounds and you think just snacking on celery sticks will help, and you can’t stand celery, I can almost guarantee you that one will backfire.  Eating is enjoyable, so when we are hungry we should like what we have, within our calorie limits.  We don’t have to compromise between a healthy diet and maintaining our busy lifestyle, but strike a balance between the two that works for us.

In order to make sure we’re eating the right servings of our snack items, unless it is already packaged per-serving, make these your best friends, you’ll need something to put those tasty snacks in!:

A healthy snack will combine a little fat, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates.  That’s of course if you’re pretty hungry between a meal.  If not, it’s OK to have a snack, such as an apple, if you just need a little something to get you through.  Snacking is best kept between 100 to 200 calories.  Any more and you’re starting to step into “meal” territory.  It’s also smart to watch how much sugar is in your snack since that will likely make you feel drained after the effects of the sugar wears off.  Additionally, snacks should not be synonymous with desserts.  Cookies are yummy, small, tasty, easy…but they’re a dessert item.  It’s best to have what you’re eating contribute to your health, providing you with some nutritional value; that is rather than consuming “empty calories” which are foods that provide next to zero vitamins and minerals (like chips or pretzels)…but they do provide you with plenty of calories!!!  I have provided a collage below of the some great snack options, one or more of which I hope will suit you!

It was challenging choosing selected items to feature in this post, which is why I titled it Volume I.  There are endless options, combinations, and products out there with new ones constantly popping up.  A timeless treasure with unlimited combinations not shown: Trail-Mix (or shall we call it Desk-Mix?!  Car-Mix?!).  This is something that can be purchased or made at home.  I love this snack because we can add more of the most beneficial ingredients while still enjoying those items that we wouldn’t want to eat a whole bag of alone (OK, maybe we would, but we’ll save that for a special occasion).   Some great items to mix include: Almonds, Goji Berries, Raisins, Cashews, Sunflower Seeds, Dried Apricots, and some of your favorite cereal (such as Chex or Puffins).  You choose!

 Wait!  You didn’t think I was going to leave without including chocolate, did you?!  No way.  Staple item.  The catch: have ONE square of DARK (70% or higher-then it can qualify as a non-dessert item).  These are my favorite.  They’re organic, fair-trade too, and individually wrapped too!  Enjoy a square with your latte or with some almonds!  One square yields 50 calories, healthy antioxidants and a whole lot of YUM.  🙂

Happy Snacking!  Stay tuned for Volume II!


  1. I love the pictures Leah! I went back to the site just to look at the pictures. I think these pictures will appeal to people who may not find healthy food particularly appealing!

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