What Does “Healthy” Really Mean?

Dear Leah Renee, 

I feel like I’m constantly chasing “healthy” but I don’t even know what that is anymore.  I feel like there’s always room for improvement, something healthier I can be eating, working out more, weighing less.  It’s getting a little exhausting and I’m confused.  Maybe you can shed some light on this topic!  Thanks!  ~Annabelle, MA

Healthy is the really the umbrella term for feeling your best.  How you go about achieving that is going to be different than those around you.  We all have our own story of how we got to right here, right now. which creates our own unique perception and on what healthy looks and feels like.

It’s like getting an ‘A’ on your paper; everyone wrote a different narrative, had different perspectives, contrasting angles, but getting that ‘A’ meant it was well written and expressed, and the best it could be for what it was.  Your friend may have been awarded the same grade, but it was based on a completely different story.  Being healthy is doing the best you can do for you.  Staying on your ‘A’ game means learning to recognize and listening to your body’s signals which are different than the next persons.

Healthy is not necessarily:

  • a number on the scale
  • what pant size you are
  • comparing yourself to others
  • going on frequent detoxes
  • being consumed with ‘trying to be healthy all the time’
  • being the fastest
  • judgement
  • obsessively counting calories
  • criticism

Healthy should be about:

  • creating balance
  • feeling good in your skin
  • an open mind
  • love (self, and others)
  • having a little variety (foods, environments, workouts)
  • lightness in your thoughts and outlook
  • knowing how you feel your best and following that
  • feeling supported and encouraged by those you’re close to
  • setting goals that are achievable and attainable

There isn’t any amount of antioxidants that will make you healthy if you have a negative outlook.  A loving relationship won’t make you healthy if you’re both eating fast food every night.  There isn’t one key ingredient.  The secret, and I wish there was another word because it’s used so often, is…balance.  It’s combinations (maybe that’s a good replacement?!) of various qualities that make up our lives.  It’s ultimately staying true to yourself, because only you know the feeling you have after a particular event, hanging around certain people, doing a certain workout, or eating a particular meal.

The best news of all is we can all achieve it.  I love providing recipes, so maybe a quick one that works for me is:

  • 1 dash of sunlight (let it soak for about 10-15 minutes until warm)
  • 5 good laughs (spread out throughout the day)
  • 3 meals that make me feel energetic, not weighed down
  • 3 hugs (dogs, cats, husband, wife, kids, fish all will do)
  • 1 compliment (you can do that in the mirror or to someone else, no judgement)
  • busting out a dance move

I’d love to know what makes YOU feel healthy too!  Feel free to comment below 🙂

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