Personal Update #4 (Amenorrhea, Fertility Shtuff)

Warning!  This material is personal and if you enjoy this blog for health info and recipes, pleaseskip this post!  This is update number three on my journey to get my cycle back so I can have a happy, healthy pregnancy.  In other words, it may be entirely TMI 😉 

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted about this topic, and yes, it was intentional.  It’s not the easiest thing to share with the world.  But since I started, I feel that I need to continue.  And not just for the sake of follow-through, but for the reason I decided to in the first place; for any of the women out there, near and far, who are confused, questioning, suffering, or stressing over this issue.  You’re not alone, and this is something that so, so many women go through whether you hear about it or not.

Since my last update, I had the last and final test, HSG, that I stated was the only one left until I was “cleared” or not.  I took that on July 2nd, and that came out fine as well.  It was time to have a private chat with my doctor about my options since nothing pathologically (aka nothing definitively) wrong with me.  She let me know I had two options: to start inserting daily injections (in my stomach)  that contain hormones to make me start ovulating (well, that’s what we’d hope for) in which case I could become pregnant or IVF.  Neither of us wanted to explore the IVF option at this point since seeing that all the other tests came back normal, if not great, than there really wasn’t a reason yet to go there.  She said I have plenty of eggs, which is a good thing…until you start injecting me with hormones which means there’s a much greater chance of twins or triplets.  Oh, that’s just what I wanted to hear (I need sarcasm font)!!!  She actually said if she’s not super careful I could be the next octo-mom.  She was half joking.  Half.

So, that’s where I’m at right now (still).  I said I’d get back to her and let her know what I wanted to do.  It made me take a step back.  It made me want to reflect on all of this, and take some time off of being reminded of it constantly.  That meant stopping acupuncture for a while too.  My acupuncturist was very supportive of that decision since she could see I was stressed out about it.  She let me know I could call her at any time.

Now, the objective in the first place was to attempt to get my cycle back naturally.  I wanted to get all the tests done to see if there was anything medically wrong that might prevent me from ovulating at some point on my own.  Speculation has been being on the pill too long, working out too much, or weighing too little.  Which leads me to today….

Today I had a personal training session (you know those complimentary ones you get when you sign up and never take?!).  Part of the initial consult included a body fat measurement to see what my BMI was (Body Mass Index).  She pinched 4 places: my thigh, the back of my tricep, the side of my belly, and the middle of my belly.  She added up those numbers and got to the final result.  It was sixteen.  And there that is.  That could very well be the entire reason I am not ovulating.  Now, that’s not horribly low, but ‘normal’ starts at about 18.5.  For pre-pregnancy, maybe a tiny bit more. Is that definitely 100% the reason?  I don’t know.  But I do know that if you do not have enough body fat, you do not produce enough estrogen, and therefore cannot have a cycle.  It’s become more clear that I should probably bring up my body fat before I start injecting myself with hormones since I want to carry a healthy baby anyway.

I realize this probably sounds easy, but it’s not.  I lead a certain lifestyle eating very healthfully and exercising all which make me feel good.  I don’t typically eat when I’m not hungry, so it may be a little difficult adding and eating more.  At the end of it though, I would love a baby, so it’s important to be mindful and prioritize what I want my accomplishments to be.  Being a mom is one of them.  I am hoping by gaining gradually and getting my BMI up eventually, I will not need to have those shots.  Again, I will keep you posted!

Have you had a struggle with any of this or know someone who has?  Please feel free to share.


  1. Hey you! love reading your blog! I have a friend who went through a very similar struggle as you… She ended up getting pregnant through IVF however she tried getting pregnant for 4 years naturally, acupuncture and getting the daily shots. I
    f you have any interest in speaking with her and picking her brain I am sure she would be happy to chat with you. Let me know!

    1. Awww thanks, Kerry! Thanks for reading and thank you for reaching out! It sounds like your friend has a baby now, so congrats and I’m glad that she found a way that worked for her!
      I will definitely be reaching out to you if I cannot gain some and see if that starts things rolling!!! I really appreciate it. XO

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