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Day #1 of Fertility Treatments

What I’m about to talk about is different to the questions, answers (suggestions), and recipes that you will normally find on Ask Leah Renee.  Since I have this blog, I thought it would be a good way to broaden the criteria in a way that may then broaden my audience, connecting with others who may be going through the very same thing I am. I love to help and love to be helped, which is why I’ve decided to share this experience.  Today was the first day of what will be a twice a week visit to a Doctor of Acupuncture in order to help me get my body become fertile and functioning the way it should.  The mission is to get my cycles back, and then regular, in order to get pregnant.

Unfortunately, since the time I first began menstruating, I have had a fairly unpredictable cycle.  I have been on and off the pill since age 14 for cysts on my ovaries which is what western medicine prescribes to help that issue.  Most recently I have been on the pill again for the past 2.5 years, going off of it in January in hopes of becoming pregnant in 2014.  As I suspected, and like the previous 5 years up to starting the pill again, I have not had a cycle yet.  My gynecologist gave me the option and suggested shots of hCG and going on Clomid which he said has been very successful.  I do not doubt that to be true, but I thought there’s got to be an underlying factor.  I almost went that route, but opted to go the natural way since I wanted to get the core of why my body is not functioning the way it should anyway.  Not to mention, while I think it’s great to integrate both Eastern and Western practices, Eastern practices take time to find the reason the body is doing what it’s doing–not only prescribe and treat.

Today was my first visit with the Acupuncturist who is also certified as a Nurse Practitioner and has over 20 years of medical experience.  She is very passionate about what she does.  It shows and I’m so happy to have found her.  Reading all the testimonials I am confident that together we will make this happen!  I have been to other Acupuncturists before, and already I can see that this one is different.  She diagnosed me by looking at my tongue to see where the abnormalities were, as well as asking me a series of questions, ones it seemed she already knew the answers to as the questions themselves were so specific.  The term that’s most familiar (in western medicine) for my condition is called amenorrhea.   In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I have Spleen Qi deficiency, Liver Qi stagnation, and Kidney essence deficiency.  That all means that I have stagnation, of the blood, which needs to be freed up in order for everything to start functioning normally again.

There are some diet guidelines to follow to help with the deficiencies.  She also gave me a recipe for “Blood Soup” to make to raise hemoglobin.  I will post that recipe and other dietary guidelines soon!

I am excited the process has begun, and hope to soon join many of my friends who have had the gift and pleasure of giving life.  I will continue to post on this topic as I go through the sessions!

If you have gone through something similar or know someone who has, I would love to hear from you!