My Story

Hi!  Thanks for reading my blog!  I started this blog for a variety of reasons, but mainly to spread my passion for health and nutrition to others.  For years now my friends and family have come to me for advice, so I thought sharing questions I get from them may be similar to ones you may have too!

Getting diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2002 was a major eye-opener for me.  It made me realize that what we put in our bodies is ultimately what we get out.  It sounds a little cliché, you may have heard this plenty of times before, but it’s so true.  Impacts and repercussions from our diet are rarely immediate; it is typically a gradual process which begins to show up later in various ways.   I knew something wasn’t right with me; I was getting sick all the time and constantly felt bloated and simply worn out.

It was a whole new journey after my diagnosis.  At 21, I got a one-paged paper from the gastroenterologist on the foods I had to cut out completely from my diet, forever.  At the time, my diet pretty much consisted of everything I wasn’t allowed to eat anymore:  pasta, burritos, pizza, bagels, and sandwiches.  This was also before anyone really knew what ‘gluten-free’ meant.  Supermarkets did not offer the selection they do now!  It was a shock, and I had to adapt quickly.  In a way I’m really glad I did not have all those food alternatives within my reach—it forced me to eat a very clean, simple diet—I think the way we’re intended to eat 90% of the time anyway.

My experience sparked an intrigue inside of me to explore health and nutrition on a much deeper level.   When I lived in Australia, I worked for a natural health shop where I was able to coach people daily who were newly diagnosed with celiac disease, or just looking to live a healthier lifestyle.   It felt amazing going in every day, helping that many more people on their own personal journey.  I truly believe prevention is the best medicine of all and the foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead have the power to create the outcome we choose.

I love sharing information with others and help any way I can, and how good it feels when people are inspired to live their healthiest life possible.  I hope you enjoy my blog!



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  1. Hi Leah I was wondering your opinion on nutritional yeast I read a few articles that said it was not a healthy thing to ingest reason being brain tumors is that true if you would be so kind as to respond some time in the future. Thanks Sue

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